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 Guide on how can we promote an officer (Draft)

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PostSubject: Guide on how can we promote an officer (Draft)   Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:03 pm

The List

1. Leadership

• Does this person take initiative to lead others?
• If so, what is their general style?
• Are they laid back or militant?
• Can they get a group organized and moving forward in the right direction?
• Does this person have a firm and accurate handle on ALL guild policies, rules, regulations, and the penalties associated with them?
• Can I reasonably expect this person to have the ability to fully explain any guild policy, rules, or regulations to members upon request?

2. Respect

• When this person speaks or gives advice, do people listen to them?
• Do the members respond positively or negatively to this person?
• When asking for help, do the members rally around him/her to complete the task?

3. Communication

• As the GM, can I speak to this person professionally?
• Can I speak to them as a friend as well?
• Does this person understand that there are dynamics to the guild they will need to be understanding of?
• Can they be left alone to handle problems if they arise?
• Do they speak to the members as well as for the members?
• Can I count on them to be behind me as the GM in public, even if we disagree in private?
• Will they take part in active discussions about the guild, advancement, and ways in which to improve?

4. Commitment

• Do they have the stamina to keep up with guild demands?
• Do they realize Officers actively give to their members before taking for themselves?
• Do they know they are here for the members, and not that the members are here for them?
• Are they committed to excellence?
• Will they practice leading by example?
• Do they understand an Officer is expected to continually help improve those they lead?
• Do they understand that any member’s question is valid and deserves an answer or consideration?
• Are they willing to help no matter the time it involves?

5. Availability

• Does this person have the availability, schedule wise, to remain active with the guild and its members?
• Are they on at peak hours of the guilds time?
• If they are not, are they on during other times when various Officers cannot be?
• Do they show up for most, if not all of the guild raids?
• Are they on time and ready?

6. Flexibility

• When things go wrong, are they able to take a moment to listen to what others are suggesting?
• Can they reasonably be expected to take criticism well?
• Will they work at improving upon, and learning new ways of handling situations?
• Do they continue to ask for feedback and act upon it?
• Can I sit down and as their GM, let them know their performance is lacking and needs to be adjusted?
• Will they be able to professionally accept this type of performance review?

7. Problem Solve

• Can this person take two bickering members, figure out what is wrong, and be reasonably expected to solve or alleviate the problem to the satisfaction of both parties?
• Do they have the ability to work quickly and efficiently to curb behaviors before they become a problem?
(Both with themselves as well as members)
• Can they turn a failed raid into one which moves efficiently through content without losing moral?
• Can they take failure and then come back with ideas for improvement?

8. Complete Tasks Assigned

• If asked to accomplish a task, can this person complete the task within an acceptable time frame?
• Can I count on this person to take on tasks which is within their expertise and ability -- not ones that they cannot be expected to accurately contribute too?

9. Contribute or Gather Information

• Can this person give advice to all classes, or if they don't understand, know when it is appropriate to send the question to someone else?
• Do they actively participate in strategic discussions?
• Will they gather their own personal information for encounters and boss fights/kills?
• Can I count on them to have done the appropriate level of homework?
• Are they to be ready to explain and perform well?

10. Realistic

• Can they provide me with an account of the current situation within the guild and its ranks?
• Can I count on them to have accurate information and not sheer exaggeration?
• Will they give me feedback about my personal performance and perhaps ways in which I could improve?
• Are they understanding of the fact that being an Officer is literally a full-time job?
• Do they realize being an Officer gives them the responsibility to also work to improve the guild outside of "game play?"

"It is not always what it is. There is also what it means."
"Wisdom doesn't come only from knowing, it comes more from understanding."
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Guide on how can we promote an officer (Draft)
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