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PostSubject: Druids....   Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:17 am

This is working,partially working and non working skills of Druids..

Green - working or untested (mostly working)
Blue - partially working
Blue/Green - almost working, might have some minor broken part
Red - not working at all

Feral Tree
Not working:

Partially working:
Feral Instinct - Swipe part works, stealth detection as a whole does not work.
Savage Fury - None of the enhanced damage bonuses work, except for Rake (didn't test Claw, but it is not important).
Feral Swiftness - The speed increase works and so does the Dodge, but only in Cat form. Bears do not get the Dodge bonus.
Survival Instincts - The health bonus stays after using this ability. If a Druid uses this, then he will gain the HP and his maximum will increase (this is fine), but if he shapeshifts into another form, the maximum health bonus disappears. After the ability's duration runs out, the Druid will then lose the amount he gained in the first place, but because he already lost the maximum health bonus earlier due to a bug, it actually drops the Druid's maximum health twice. (Bearcavalry/Kenichi500)
Primal Precision - The 80% refund on missed Finishing Moves does not work. It is also supposed to give 10 Expertise, but it gives 10 Expertise rating instead (huge difference).
Feral Charge - The Bear version of this works fine, but the Cat version Feral Charge - Cat doesn't leap, but charges instead.
Improved Leader of the Pack - The Mana gained on critical hits does not work and other players affected by the Improved Leader of the Pack aura do not heal themselves on critical hits.
Berserk - Mangle (Bear) only hits 1 target, but it should hit 3 under the effects of Berserk.
Improved Mangle - This only lowers the cooldown and energy cost on the tooltip.
Survival of the Fittest - Granting 1%/2%/3% of armor rather than 11%/22%/33% of armor in Bear/Dire Bear form. (kline)
Mangle (Cat)/Primal Fury - Mangle (Cat) should give two combo points if the Druid has talent points in Primal Fury and Mangle crits, but it gives three on crits and two on non-crits (other attacks work fine).
Primal Tenacity - The 30% less damage taken while stunned in Cat Form also works in other forms. (Kypa for bringing the talent to my attention)
Infected Wounds - The Movement Impairing Effect only works for 25% even with two stacks, while it should be 50%. It is also spell reflectable, though the action of putting it on a player should be physical. The actual debuff should still be dispellable by spells that get rid of Diseases. (Kenichi500)
Predatory Strikes - The 20% more Attack Power from the Weapon is entirely broken.

Restoration Tree
Not working:

Partially working:
Living Seed - Does not bloom when the target is next attacked--instead it blooms immediately. Also, procs people other than the caster do not show in the combat log. (Ryana)
Naturalist - When you hover over the Damage in the character sheet, the tooltip will show Weapon Damage Min to Weapon Damage Max * 110% damage; this is incorrect. This talent increases all physical damage in all forms by 10%, so it should not even affect Weapon Damage, but instead affect any physical damage output from the Druid.
Intensity - The Enrage ability by itself generates 20 Rage on use; this talent should increase that by 10 rage with 3/3 points.
Gift of Nature - Multiplying the co-efficient instead of the final heal by 1.1. Not affecting Lifebloom's direct heal. (Bear/hharry)
Improved Barkskin - Does not work correctly; gives a 2% increase instead of a 10% increase, which is wrong. Also, this does not give 70% dispel resistance to barkskin. (Seceren/Melz) VERY IMPORTANT
Omen of Clarity - The proc works fine, but it is being used up by everything. It should not be used up by shifting into a different form, by using non-healing/non-damaging spells as Mark/Gift of the Wild or Resurrection skills.
Wild Growth - Several things wrong with this. First, the HoT is a steady amount, even though it should be a large amount at first and then lower. Second, this spell is not limited to five people on our servers, which makes it possible to heal the entire raids. Third, the spell heals people within 15 yards of the Druid who cast it, regardless of who the Druid casted the spell on. It should a maximum of five people (6 with the Glyph) in a 15 yard radius around the target of the original spell.
Subtlety - The anti-dispell mechanism is not working for this. (Shiftmaster)
Empowered Rejuvenation - Does not affect Lifebloom's direct heal. (hharry)

Balance Tree
Not working:
Brambles - Doesn't work.
Improved Faerie Fire - Doesn't work. Tests done here. (Melz)

Partially working:
Nature's Splendor - Increase the duration of spells, but it lowers each tick due to the extended time. It should increase the total amount healed by the extra ticks this talent gives to the spell.
Balance of Power - Adds actual Hit Rating instead of a flat 4%; really insignificant but still a bug. (Ryana)
Improved Moonkin Form - Doesn't add any haste. (Cristobaal)
Wrath of Cenarious - The damage increase is +5% to Wrath and +10% to Starfire here. (Cristobaal)
Owlkin Frenzy - The "restore 2% base mana every 2 sec" restores 2 mana every 2 seconds which is much lower than intended. Also, the proc Owlkin Frenzy from this talent should not proc on heals or mana gain effects (like Replenishment) on the Druid. This proc also happens when the Druid is not in Moonkin Form which is not correct. (Cristobaal/Sarnai/ukiyaejl/Melz)
Starfall - Every form of stun cancels the effect instead of suppressing it. (Cristobaal)
Eclipse - Right now, both versions of Eclipse can be on the Druid, which should not be possible. (Sarnai)
Moonkin Form - The Moonkin Aura (+5% Crit) does not fade when shifting out of Moonkin Form, but it should. Also, logging out and in as a Moonkin requires you to reshift to get the aura, but this is minor. (ukiyaejl)
Force of Nature - Almost completely bugged. Doesn't work in duels and the damage is very low; each Treant hits for 30-50 damage instead of 400-600 like on retail. (Cristobaal)

Bugged Skills/Abilities:
Faerie Fire (Feral) - The damage/threat part of Faerie Fire (Feral) in Bear/Dire Bear form does not work at all. (kypa/Kenichi500/Bearcavalry)
Swipe (Bear) - Does not seem to have an AP co-efficient. (banana17)
Entangling Roots - Damage is not increased by bonus spell power; each tick does only 47 damage (at spell level Cool. Useable on an infinite amount of targets. If recast while still on the target, it does not suffer diminishing returns. However, if recast on a target when the buff isn't already on them, the diminishing returns are permanent until relogging. (Cristobaal)
Enrage - The intended 10 Rage over 10 seconds is 10 mana every second for ten seconds (bugged). Also, the Armor Reduction is missing when using this ability.
Pounce - This ability behaves strangely; after stunning the target, the DoT bleeds for 9 seconds. The bleed should continue for the specified duration, 18 seconds. This bleed should increase abilities that receive a boost in damage from bleed effects. It also scales with Attack Power, so it should also have a coefficient of 0.18.
Bonus Armor is being calculated like it was in TBC; the mechanics for items with bonus armor on them has changed since then. Any Bonus Armor on any cloth, leather, mail, or plate items, or any other items with armour like rings or trinkets should not be multiplied by the bonuses of Bear Form, Dire Bear Form, or Frost Presence. Source (dmaster3000)
Abolish Poison - Ticks take players out of stealth. (Kenichi500)
Lacerate - Now does too much damage. This ability should become 1 bleed which increases in strength by each application up to 5 stacks. (Falcrow) VERY IMPORTANT
Maim - Can still be "Immuned" by abilities like Berserker's Rage. Also, it is not in the "Stun" diminishing returns group, and so has no DR with Bash. (kypa/hharry)
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PostSubject: Re: Druids....   Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:54 pm

Druid Build Guides
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