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 The Throne of The DarkLord (Freya Nature of Guardians Wrath) Guide

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PostSubject: The Throne of The DarkLord (Freya Nature of Guardians Wrath) Guide   Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:36 am

Guys!! First and foremost I'de like to thank you for promoting me as new officer of PVE at Priory of Scion. I'de like to dedicate this forum side to My DK Marcko so I named it from the LichKing himself as "DarkLord". I chose the name itself because he owns every minions in WOTLK and he knows every weakness of it. So without further ado Ima gonna post my first forum for us guys.

Freya - Guardian and watcher of Nature and the Valkyries

Freya found in the conservatory of life at Ulduar is situated with mobs of plants, ancient protectors, forest blades and floras. Approaching this instance with caution is a must since mobs are scattered around the area. first killing the mobs at front with druids using tranq. and FUll AoE spells and dps will be of great help to mobs. eliminate the first set at entrance, at the side left of your camera direction and near the boss itself. Do remember that your MT can be anybody of good stat but your OT should be a paladin or a warrior (since they have great agro and wide AoE threat).

When assaulting freya (make sure all are buffed) let The MT face freya with adequate heals and less threat from dps and healers. Ask the DPS not to concentrate to freya because freya has ]150] Imba healing buff and summons mobs as their turning point to dimish the buffs charges. During those times the healers heal MT and OT waits for the summon. When Freya Shouts "Children Assist me" she shall summon flora exploding mobs and green ones to the raid. Make sure OT gets them all with ease and all members of the dps / rdps atk the mobs till its finished. During those times Freya occasionally screams "Eonar your servant Requires aid" that means he will summon an Ancient Conservator which casts silence. The geist there when you get silence is yell to the raid that they go under skirt of Freya so when freya casts ]sunbeam] the silence will be dispelled and the raid will continue again. Make sure the MT is alive as well as the OT and wait for the Imba Heal buff to disperse.

When Freya has no buff she is available for maximum dps and all may serve it well. Just maintain the cycle for Freya's HP is amounting to 4.2M (Heroic) / 1.4M (Normal) but in this server it is most likely 1.4M. She will never summon again once all her Imba healing buff is expired and you may freely kill it in a whim. Rumor has it that she enrages at 4mins. so do your best. But most likely she doesn't thanks for that. Her drops are as follows:

5. (Good For tanks for now...)
9. (Suppose to hard mode but drops anyways in this server)
10. and most certainly an EoC

Be careful to those untargettable Infernals... they have no strategy... either die from them, hide or relog... it pisses me most that somebody is attacking you that you can't target.

This raid is available in 10 man raids for our Magic-server!!!!!

Stay tuned for more boss profiles. (Subject Maybe available for change during Server Modifications) check logs at [][/url]

Take Care guys and My Eyes are still looking upon you 0_0

Map ref.

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PostSubject: Re: The Throne of The DarkLord (Freya Nature of Guardians Wrath) Guide   Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:30 am

Why do u have LFGH in your chat window ?
Why not put it in another window ?
Great Guide btw.
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PostSubject: Re: The Throne of The DarkLord (Freya Nature of Guardians Wrath) Guide   Sat Mar 13, 2010 7:15 am

thx for the tip even i didnt enter in ulduar cuz of fuking gs requirement
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PostSubject: Re: The Throne of The DarkLord (Freya Nature of Guardians Wrath) Guide   

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The Throne of The DarkLord (Freya Nature of Guardians Wrath) Guide
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