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PostSubject: Hunters...   Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:32 am

Hunter Priority Bugs

1.)Steady Shot
Steady Shot one of the staple Hunter shots is basically all but useless. Steady Shot is designed so that when all of your shots are on cooldown(and this happens in all hunter specs) you have a spammable damage skill besides Auto-Shot. Right now when your damaging shots are all on cooldown all you can do is sit there and wait for them to come off.. It appears Hunter's have the old Steady shot skill because of a couple of things including it being 2 second cast time(up from 1.5) it not effecting auto-shot from firing, and ammo being used in the damage calculation.

The most notable bug is that even though Steady-Shot has a cast time it's not supposed to stop your Auto-Shot from firing even though it's a cast, auto-shot only fires off currently once steady shot is finished casting you lose an entirely big portion of damage because this happens this way, it's hard to tell if this is a bug in the way auto-shot operates or if its completely steady-shot doing this, as auto-shot "clipping" also happens with Volley another Hunter cast time spell.

Steady Shot also is supposed to scale with ranged haste, and ranged speed increasing effects, things like Rapid Fire is supposed to increase Steady Shot's casting speed but it currently doesn't, it seems that Steady-Shot is scaling with spell haste(even though it's not technically a spell) Heigan in naxx casts and this is effecting Steady-Shot.

Last is damage it's doing lower than auto-shot damage currently apparently due to not taking ammo dps into account, and it's also not doing 175 additional damage against dazed targets.

2.)Kill Shot

Kill Shot

Skill has two major problems, the damage is split into two skills 200% weapon damage being one shot and [RAP * 0.40 + 650] being the other shot instead of them being combined as one. Second problem is that the 200% weapon damage of the skill is based off of your weapon's damage instead of weapon damage

kill shot : "You attempt to finish the wounded target off, firing a long range attack dealing 200% weapon damage plus X. Kill Shot can only be used on enemies that have 20% or less health."

ok "weapon damage"..what is weapon damage? is weapon damage and weapon's damage the same? no

"Weapon damage could refer to two things: base weapon damage, non-normalized attack power modified weapon damage or normalized attack powre modified weapon damage."

the formula in kill shot uses the "normalized attack power modified weapon damage" definition

so the formula should be :

[(weapon damage AKA damage displayed in your tooltip as ranged) * 2 ] + (RAP * 0.4) + 650

in my hunter:

normalized weapon damage: 1685 - 1956
rap: 5375 (self buffed)

the damage should be:

(1685*2)+(5375*0.4)+650 min damage non crit -> 6170
(1956*2)+(5375*0.4)+650 max damage non crit -> 6712

so the damage for a NON CRIT would be 6170 - 6712 on 0 armor and 0 resilience (nd removing all my talents that increase kill shot damage)

so yeah the damage formula is heavily bugged in magic-wow since it takes the weapon's damage instead of the normalized weapon damage

also the shot's damage is divided in 2 parts (the weapon damage part and a coeff damage part) it should be only hitting one time with it being seperate one skill can crit and the other can be a normal hit.

Disengage is now jumping back for far less yards than it used to jump, and even before it didn't work completely retail like. Disengage jumping backwards is working normally right now, but the key to the skill is the speed you jump backwards. It's supposed to be 185% speed so if you use it on the ground the 185% speed will make you jump back 10 yards, if you jump before using disengage the 185% speed will take you back 13 yards, if you jump off uneven ground or off a cliff disengage would take you back extremely far, same if you use parachute cloak or any other slow fall effect, the 185% speed bonus only ends when you hit the ground. The distance this skill travels is supposed to be dynamic and not static.

Disengage is one of Hunter's only tools to get away from melee enemies who are the bane of Hunter's existence and currently it doesn't do very much at all. Disengage is also only supposed to be able to be used while in combat, and not usable if the Hunter is rooted.

Skill might be as easy to fix as adding the speed to how the skill is currently working.

Hunter Critical Chance is based on Melee critical chance instead of Ranged crit chance. Which means most Hunter's will be missing around 6%-7% crit as almost all hunters pick up Lethal Shots

Hunter Shots not taking effect not taking effect while incapacitated Any time you're incapacitated(fear, stun,sleep, charm, death) Any shot you send out that doesn't hit an enemy before you're CC'd will not take any effect, or cause any damage. This was actually fixed before, but got rebroken when Marcelo fixed the bug that effected shots not doing damage while you were turned around/not facing your target. Missing a finishing blow, missing a CC, or any damage along the way is a huge downturn in pvp and any class that has CC causes you to lose a huge portion of the damage you should be outputting.

Silence Effects Hunter shots are not supposed to be able to be silenced! Hunter Shots cost mana but are not counted as spell casts but physical casts similar to a warrior or rogue. Currently silence effects prevent you from using many hunter shots. Even though Explosive shot, Chimera shot, and others are elemental in damage they are still counted as a physical attack it's not the hunter casting a spell its him shooting an arrow. Things like Traps, Scare beast, and other "spells" are supposed to be silenced. But Hunter Shots should not stop because someone silenced you, this bug is actually a lot more annoying than one would think.

Trap Issues
Currently all traps are bugged and no longer work in duels against players of the same faction, nor are they working in instances, working fine in arena/bg, and world pvp versus opposite faction members. All traps once placed into the world are supposed to have a one second time delay before they can be go off, currently all traps can fire off without the 1 second delay. Also all traps are ignoring mechanics versus immune players, Traps go through/still effect targets who are immune when traps are supposed to be resisted against those targets.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunters...   Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:52 pm

Hunter Build Guides
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PostSubject: Re: Hunters...   Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:38 pm

oh you forgot scattered shot cant be removed by MOH WTF, and never use MOH while under scattered shot in an uneven terrain or you'll fall hehehehe
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PostSubject: Re: Hunters...   

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