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PostSubject: Mage..........   Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:54 am

Mage working, partially working and non working skills

Last updated 28 January 2009, 3:50 GMT
Magic Absorption ---> (posted by Lux in bugtracker) Its a major bug with resistance mechanics, it happens to resist only when a hunter defterence (which is wrong, it should be Deflected not Absorbed). Also when a Rogue casts Cloak of shadow u miss, and he doesnt resist. Like wowwiki describes resist must occur like dodge/parry/block/miss mechanics
Arcane Concentration---> (posted by Imaginative in bugtracker) Arcane Blast does not work with Arcane Concentration.Arcane concentration is immediately removed if used with arcane blast
Focus Magic---> (posted by Ethil in bugtracker) The part that give 3% add crit to the caster for 10 seconds when the target crits works, but the part that gives 3% crit to the target of Focus Magic doesnt works.
Arcane Shielding --->(posted by Ahmad in bugtracker) The 50 % doesnt work, i dont know if first part is working, need some support...
Torment the Weak--->(posted by Prab in bugtracker, and Sarnai in forum) looks like its not working in PVE. Working for Frostbolt/Arcane Barrage in PVP
Presence of Mind--->(posted by messey in bugtracker)---> the Presence of Mind buff disappears when you use it immediately after a channeling spelll such as Frostbolt BUT NOT FOR instant spells like arcane barrage . (when frostbolt lands on the target, PoM is gone; when arc barrage lands on the target, PoM stays) - It's supposed to stay for both cases. Also it should ignore global cooldown. One minor bug it is that it disapears when u mount.
Arcane Potency--->Works only with PoM, should work also with Clearcast
Missile Barrage--->(posted by Rylai in bugtracker) When the opponent goes in 31-36 yards the arcane missiles interrupts...
Arcane Barrage--->(posted by Kit in bugtracker) It stays sometime even if u respec in another talent tree. Pls if u got this bug join /cheaters and ask a GM to remove it from ur spell book, or at least make a ticket.

Burning Determination--->(posted by Srki in bugtracker) Doesnt work
Impact--->(posted by Necrobabe in bugtracker) There should be no time for impact, there is a few seconds timer instead.
Molten Shields--->(posted by Ubajimon and Rylai in bugtracker) The reflection part doesnt work. The second part works without getting the talent.
World in Flames--->(posted by wizzardblast in forums) Adds 3% spell power, not 3% spell damage.
Blast Wave--->(posted by Gromster in bugtracker) Should knocback in like: target in front/back/left/right, knocks in front/back/left/right, works like: target in front/back/left/right, knocks front
Fiery Payback--->(posted by stefanx88 and Magusal in bugtracker) Only the mlee disarm part works, the ranged disarm doesnt.
Dragon's Breath--->(posted by Necrobabe in bugtracker) It is less than 5 yards, should have a 10 yards range.
Hot Strak---> Doesnt work bcoz of Molten Armor.


Shatter---> (posted by sudoxe in bugtracker and from Moyus in forums) In the minds of Frost Mages, a Shatter Combos is the combination of a Frostbolt plus an instant-cast spell, used against a frozen target, to leverage the frozen status for higher damage than would be achieved through casting only Frostbolts. The increased damage is produced by capitalizing on the flight time of the Frostbolt. The Frostbolt's damage will break the freeze effect on impact, but as long as the instant-cast spell is launched before that happens, it will also benefit from the freeze. Currently here if frostbolt breaks the freeze the following icelance even if cast before the freeze is broken will not get the shatter bonus or the 3x damage from the target being frozen.Also shatter should be calculated at spell casting and not at spell hit.
Precision--->(posted by Etheral in forums) Hit rating is bugged.
Frost Warding--->(posted by Warmachinez in bugtracker) It does not give the chance to negate the warded dmg and restore mana equal to the dmg caused.
Piercing Ice--->(posted by The_Sebastian in bugtracker) Increases frost spell damage, it should not...
Improved Cone of Cold--->(posted by Jonathanknight) Doesn't work.
Ice Barrier--->(posted by wMw in bugtracker) The non-delaying part doesn't work.
Fingers of Frost--->(posted by Tim in bugtracker) Works for Frostbolt and Cone of Cold, should work also for Imp Bllizard and Frost Armor.
Brain Freeze--->(posted by Saelos in bugtracker) Works for Frostbolt and Cone of Cold, should work also for Imp Blizzard and Frost Armor.
Summon Water Elemental--->(posted by Rylai in bugtracker) Pet's stats doesnt increase with master stats.
Enduring Winter--->(posted by Warmachinez in bugtracker) Doesnt work

Not working or partially working glyphs
Glyph of Fireball--->(posted by torba in bugtracker) Not working
Glyph of Mirror Image--->(posted by Necrobabe in bugtracker) Not working
Glyph of Arcane Blast--->(posted by Rylai in bugtracker) Not even taught by the trainer
Glyph of Arcane Missiles---> (posted in bugtracker by Drop) Missing 10% in crit
Glyph of Fire Blast--->(posted by Rylai in bugtracker) Not Working
Glyph of Molten Armor--->(posted by Galu in bugtracker) Not working
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PostSubject: Re: Mage..........   Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:51 pm

Mage Build guides, go play with magics Cool
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