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PostSubject: Priests....   Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:15 am

"Thanthalonas"]This list contains class bugs, in order of percieved priority, as well as mechanics that are directly related to some specific spells and or talents, and a section (exploits) about abilities and talents that give a priest an unfair advantage over another class.

Please note that this list is subject to change, and in addition this is not the entire bug list for priests, and will be updated when either Mima or myself can get around to it.

Suggestions and constructive criticism would be welcome, but please refrain from trolling and/or flaming this topic.


1. Power word: shield ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link]) ([link=]Test results[/link])
Description: The formula seems to be incorrect, it should be absorbing a bit more than it currently is (perhaps not factoring in +healing talents), the formula can be found in the bug tracker link.
In addition the spell does not apply the buff or debuff if you happen to be 35-40 yards away from the target, but will consume mana and use a gcd (this seems to be happening with a few spells like penance (which may be fixed in r2269), so it may be a more widespread problem.)

Mima's note: Itís missing about 1k mitigation that isnít affected by healing debuffs, and PW:S is the spell that an entire tree is built around.
Than's note: As it affects the survivability and effectiveness of all 3 talent trees we have decided to prioritize it slightly higher than others.

2. Prayer of mending ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: Currently Prayer of mending is not scaling with spell power, and does not crit. Please note criticals from this spell can proc divine aegis and inspiration.
(More info found in the bugtracker link)

Mima's note: Itís supposed to be one of the priestsí most mana efficient heals, and one of the few instant casts, but misses a huge amount of healing. Important for both raid and pvp healing (raid because itís efficient and is simply fire-and-forget, pvp because itís one of the few instant casts and heals a lot).
Than's note: This spell is pretty much an instant on proc flash heal, it is highly effective in all situations, hence why it is currently high on the list.

3. Vampiric touch dispel ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: Vampiric Touch, when dispelled should deal 1360 damage to the afflicted target, scaling with sp, though at the moment does nothing. (Note the rest of the spell is working as intended)

Than's note: Currently Shadow priests in pvp are severely debilitated by dispel-happy classes such as paladins, this addition ensures that the dispellers will think twice before removing DoTs.

4. Rapture ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: Does not restore mana when the shield is completely absorbed, or when it is dispelled.

Mima's note: Again, PW:S is the main spell of the disc tree and this would account for an enormous part of mana regeneration for priests.
Than's note: Definately a needed fix, allows for disc priests to spam their shields without fear of going OOM.

5. Dispersion ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: Breaks on damage (usually end up being dot damage) and instead of a 90% damage reduction it causes direct attacks to miss.

Mima's note: Itís the 51 talent and a pretty important ďoh shitĒ button. Could be difficult to fix though, so a few following fixes might take priority.
Than's note: Please note, as it has been confirmed a fix that will take some time, it is not as high on the list currently as some others.

6. Hymn of hope ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: The hymn does not target the caster, but does restore mana to 3 other raid members, and the maximum mana bonus does not work.

Than's note: Can be quite useful if one so happens to be strained on mana, with no other way to regenerate it, and the 20% temporary mana boost could potentially be a raid saver, or an arena match win, idk. Razz

7. Shadow affinity ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: Seems to decrease threat as it should, but does not return mana when shadow word: pain or vampiric touch is dispelled. please note this is base mana, not maximum mana.

Than's note: In addition to the Vampiric touch fix, this would possibly give dispellers more pause before dispelling a shadow priests' DoTs, and give a bit more longlivety to shadow priests in pvp.

8. Serendipity ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: Does not currently proc at all, refer to the bug tracker link for additional information.

Than's note: Holy priests generally suffer from long cast times when it comes to 'nuke' healing, and a reduction in the cast time of their slow cast spells would be a great asset in both PvE and PvP.

9. Holy concentration ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: The proc itself is fine, but it procs on irregular intervals, indicating it does not have a 100% proc chance when a critical heal from Flash Heal, Greater Heal, Binding Heal or Empowered Renew is cast.

Than's note: Perhaps the talent in question is following the old mechanics ('With 3/3 in improved Holy Conc, you'll have a 45% chance of entering Clearcasting after any critical Greater, Flash or Binding heal').

10. Guardian Spirit ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: Currently grants the 50% increased healing, but does not restore the affected target's hp by 50%.

Mima's note: 51 talents and a free life for someone every 3 minutes, Ďnuff said.
Than's note: As like effects seem to be quite RNG (ardent defender) when it comes to overkill, this fix may take a while.

11. Imp. Mind blast healing debuff ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: The talent reduces the cooldown of Mind blast properly, but does not reduce the healing done to the target over 10 seconds (20% at maximum rank).

Mima's note: Warriors get MS, why shouldnít priests get something that lets them win sometimes?
Than's note: Would further facilitate shadow in PvP, and is situationally useful in PvE.

12. Devouring plague ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: Currently heals the priest for 100% of the damage done instead of 15%. In addition this spell is not scaling with spell power as it should, as posted in the bug tracker it appears to be roughly 10% a tick instead of 18% a tick.

13. Empowered renew ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: Currently increases healing done by 15% for renew, but does not add the extra intail tick, (which should be able to crit).

Than's note: Note this should also be able to proc Holy concentration on crit.

14. Improved dev. Plague ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: Currently increases periodic damage, but does not add the instant damage to the spell.

15. Lightwell ([link=]Wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Discription: Currently displays a pet health bar, but is unable to be used, please refer to the bug tracker link for additional information.

Than's note: If you can actually get people to use this it is really quite potent.


Dispel resistance
Description: Currently the talents that increase dispel resistances do not work as intended; these include [link=]silent resolve[/link] and [link=]pain suppression[/link].

Mima's note: I donít know how difficult it is to fix, but consider this: with 30% dispel (passive talents) and 65% more from pain suppression, priests are supposed to be virtually immune to dispel for 8 seconds, but mages always spellsteal pain suppression. Assholes.

EXPLOITS SECTION (To clarify, this section can also be seen as positive bugs pertaining to the priest class directly, that may affect other classes or players in such a way that it might be considered more powerful than its intended function.)

Circle of healing ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: Currently heals an unlimited number of targets, when it should only heal a maximum of 5 (6 with a glyph), in addition even if you target someone specifically with the spell, it will use you as the intail target; meaning if any members of the party/raid are further than 15 yards from you they will not recieve the heal, even if the are the selected target

Mima's note: Heals 4x as much as it should (4x as many people lol) and targeting doesnít work

Mind flay ([link=]wowhead[/link]) ([link=]bugtracker[/link])
Description: Allows the caster to channel the spell through objects that would normally block line of sight, if the target is within range of the spell.
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PostSubject: Re: Priests....   Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:45 pm

Holy or Darkness? Choose what's your best!!!
A Priest Build Ups!
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