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PostSubject: Paladins..   Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:17 am

Partially working
Not working
Not tested yet
Not fully tested

-Tier 1-
Spiritual Focus - Working
Seals of the Pure - Working

-Tier 2-
Healing Light - Working
Divine Intellect - Working
Unyielding Faith - Working

-Tier 3-
[background=red]Aura Mastery[/background] - Partially working - Works on every aura, except with Concentration aura.
Illumination - Working
Improved Lay on Hands - Working

-Tier 4-
Improved Concentration Aura - Not fully tested - The reduction of silence effect works, the reduction of Interrupt effect remains untested.
Improved Blessing of Wisdom - Working
Blessed Hands - Not fully tested - Reduction of mana costs is working, the increase of the effectiveness of Hand of Sacrifice effect its not working, the increase of the effectiveness of Hand of Salvation is untested.

-Tier 5-
Pure of Heart - Working
Divine Favor - Working
Sanctified Light - Working

-Tier 6-
Purifying Power - Working
Holy Power - Working

-Tier 7-
Light's Grace - Working
Holy Shock - Working
Blessed Life - Working

-Tier 8-
Sacred Cleansing - Working
Holy Guidance - Working

-Tier 9-
Divine Illumination - Working
Judgements of the Pure - Working.
-Tier 10-
Infusion of Light - Working
Enlightened Judgements - Working

-Tier 11-
Beacon of Light - Working

-Tier 1-
Divinity - Working
Divine Strength - Working

-Tier 2-
Stoicism - Working.
Guardian's Favor - Working
Anticipation - Working

-Tier 3-
Divine Sacrifice - Working
Improved Righteous Fury - Working.
Toughness - Working

-Tier 4-
Divine Guardian - Working
Improved Hammer of Justice - Working
Improved Devotion Aura - Partially working - Not increasing healing recieved, increasing armor bonus.

-Tier 5-
Blessing of Sanctuary - Working
Reckoning - Working - Consuming 2 charges each hit (Visual only).

-Tier 6-
Sacred Duty - Working
One-Handed Weapon Specialization - Working

-Tier 7-
Spiritual Attunement - Working
Holy Shield - Partially working - Extra block value works, when you block, you may not do the holy damage part.
Ardent Defender - Working (The heal should be modified by defense, so not working as intended) (Also, sometimes the helas doens't proc at all, or procs when you're dead).

-Tier 8-
Redoubt - Working
[background=red]Combat Expertise[/background] - Partially working - Increasing stamina part works, it gives 6 expertise raiting instead of 6 expertise, and it's not giving the increased critical hit part.

-Tier 9-
Touched by the Light - Working
Avenger's Shield - Partially working - The effects works, but it's not scaling with AP or SP.
Guarded by the Light - Working

-Tier 10-
Shield of the Templar - Working
Judgements of the Just - Partially working - The reduction in the HoJ effects works, the melee attack speed reduction does not work, the increasing the stun duration (Seal of Justice) part works.

-Tier 11-
Hammer of the Righteous - Working


-Tier 1-
Deflection - Working
Benediction - Working

-Tier 2-
Improved Judgements - Working
Heart of the Crusader - Working
Improved Blessing of Might - Working

-Tier 3-
Vindication - Working
Conviction - Working
Seal of Command - Partially working - Wrong damage and mechanics.
[background=red]Pursuit of Justice[/background] - Working (After you get hit by a daze effect, or a movement speed altering effect, this talent stops working)

-Tier 4-
Eye for an Eye - Working
Sanctity of Battle - Working
Crusade - Working.

-Tier 5-
Two-Handed Weapon Specialization - Working
Sanctified Retribution - Partially working - Only working with retribution aura, should work on every aura.

-Tier 6-
Vengeance - Working
Divine Purpose - Working

-Tier 7-
The Art of War - Partially working - Not proccing from meele critical hits.
Repentance - Partially working - The Incapacitate mechanic works, breaking on RV DoT.
Judgements of the Wise - Working

-Tier 8-
Fanaticism - Working
Sanctified Wrath - Partially working - The increase of HoW critical chance works, the reduction of AW cooldown works, but its not bypassing absorbs effects while AW is up.

-Tier 9-
Swift Retribution - Partially working - Only working with retribution aura, should work on every aura.
Crusader Strike - Working
Sheath of Light - Working

-Tier 10-
Righteous Vengeance - Partially working - Not proccing from Crusader Strike criticals or Judgement criticals.

-Tier 11-
Divine Storm - Working (Not scaling with hit raiting, so not fully working)

[size=150]Paladin Skills[/size]

[size=150]Paladin Glyphs[/size]
[link=]Glyph of Avenger's Shield[/link]

-Libram of Reciprocation: Doesn't works

[size=150]Important stuff[/size]
Quote :

-Also Divine Sacrifice's effects goes through Divine Shield, even if Divine Shield is applied first.
- The seals are not proccing from special meele attacks, such as Crusader Strike or Divine Storm.
- Reckoning should only proc the seal 2 times if the seal is not SoC
Quote :
The extra attacks do not affect proc rates, so the Paladin will get twice as much out of seals, judgements, and enchantments. This means Holy Vengeance can be applied twice as fast when using Seal of Vengeance/Seal of Corruption. Only one Seal does not follow this rule - Seal of Command. Although the Paladin gets two melee swings at a target per Reckoning charge, Seal of Command damage can only proc at the first swing, meaning it cannot proc twice in a Reckoning charge.

- Beacon of Light: It's not being affected by healing debuffs.
- Seal of Righteousness: It's not being modified by any % that increases damage, because the damage is static, not dynamic.

- Ardent Defender: If you have a DoT on you, this talent will proc AFTER you are dead, or sometimes, doesn't procs at all.
- Holy Shield: It's not doing damage on block.

- Retribution Aura: Not scaling with Spellpower, the Aura gains 1 dmg every 20.3 points of spellpower. And it doesn't procs from ranged attacks.
- Seal of Command: It's using the 3.09 formula, and its doing a lot more of 36% weapon damage.
- Repentance: This effect is breaking from RV DoT.
- Divine Storm: Is not being affected by hit raiting.
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PostSubject: Re: Paladins..   Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:41 pm

Paladin Build Ups Razz
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