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PostSubject: Rouges....   Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:18 am

Partially working
Possitive working
Untested/unavaiable to test


Ruthlessness - Procs on Deadly throw too. Should affect only melee finishers
Cold Blood - Works compleatly fine exept with Mutilate. Making only the Main hand crit.
Murder - Don't add any dmg increasements.
Fleed Footed - Stacks with all similar speed efects/enchants like meta gems tuskar vitality etc.
Vile Poisons - Only poison/envenom damage increase works.
Focused Atacks - The talent is compleatly broken, more so when you have specced it when you use a skill and your energy is regenerating when you crit(aka talent procs) you do not gain 2 energy you loose 2 energy combat log say you gain it but you loose it. When your energy is max 100/100 110/110 120/120 130/130 and you crit you do not loose energy talent procs there is a visual but you do not loose it. You loose 2 energy only when you are regenerating you energy after some skill is made.
- The 20% poison damage is not increasing the overall mutilate damage only the base bonus of mutilate 180-181.
- Currently it have no chance of proccing poisons. (same as other special attacks)


Improved Sprint - The talent is working, but if sprint is used in stealth the stealth brakes.
Mace Specialization - It's not adding 15% armor ignore when using maces. (Tested with various kind of weapons but it's not working)
Hack and slash The talent is working with all kind of weapons but not with Swords and Axes.
Weapon Expertise - Adding 10 Expertise rating not 10 points. Share's same problem with Primal Precision
Nerves of Steel - Currently while you are stunned/feared it reduces only magical damage taken. Physical damage is not reduced.
Combat Potency - Works only with weapons marked as ONE HAND. Weapons that are marked as OFF HAND are unaffected by the talent.
Savage Combat - Atack power increase works. The damage increase vs poisoned targets is not increased when your targed is poisoned. Should apply a debuff to the target while poisoned.
Surprise Attacks - The damage increase is working. It's not making your finishers undodgeable.
Killing spree:
- Only 4 assaults made; should be 5.
- "and increasing all damage done by 20% for the duration."; does not work.
- Anti-speedhack system often mistakes it for speedhacking and kicks you (Happends when you have latency higher than 200).
- It does not work against your own faction (duels).
- You often fall through textures.
- You should not be affected by any CC effects under the effect.
- Should make enemies lose target on the Rogue.
- It should not break Stealth when target is out of range.


Master of Deception - Stealth lvls/Detection are not working.
Sleight of Hand - The talent is big pain to test crit chance reduction seem to work. Need more testings. Currently Untested.
Serrated Blades - Damage increase works. The Armor ignore is not working.
Initiative - Only 1 specced point in the talent makes it work as 3. (meaning this if you have only 1 point in the talent you have 100% chance to get a CP).
Heightened Senses Stealth part broken. Hit reduction seems to be working.
Dirty Deeds - Does not give bonus damage when your target is below 35% health.
Hemorrhage - The 75 physical damage charges are not refreshed when you hit with hemorrhage again.
Premeditation - Combo points stay forever.
Cheat Death - The talent is like a blade with 2 Sides. One of the side is the positive one, it's not getting any affects from resiliance and it's reducing the damage directly by 90%. The negative side is that it's not reducing any damage coming from trinkets/enchants.(Bandit Insignia, Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket, Gnomish lightning generator etc.)
Sinister Calling - Agility increasement works. The 10% bonus to Hemorrhage and Backstab is not working
Waylay - Atack speed reduction broken. Move speed reduction works.
Honor Among Thieves - Compleatly broken
- 20% damage increase not working.
- Most of the time when used you fall under textures.

Skills and poisons
All special atacks should have a chance to proc poisons. Currently none have that chance.

- Works only vs magical AoE damage.
- Not working vs physical AoE damage.

- Toggles Run/Walk mode of the target.
- You have to manualy switch it back.

- Halfy disarms the main hand of the target, it's still able to use stuns/bleeds that require melee weapons.
- Other parts are disarmed visualy, players are still able to cast skills that require shield/ranged weapon.
- Should not remove stats!

- Adding only a CP to your target.
- It's not applying the off hand poison and it's not doing any damage.

Wound Poison:
- It's not scaling with Weapon Speed have a constant 50% proc chance.
- Should reduce ALL kind of healing effects. Currently affecting only instant ones.
- Should affect Second wind and similar.

Instant poison:
- Isn't scaling with weapon speed have a constant 20% proc chance.
- Proc chance should depend on weapon speed.
- Scaling with AP correctly.

Disarm trap:
- Compleatly broken.

- Can be interupted very easy.
- Stops only a spells wich gives no debuff and have a fly time.
- Brakes from spell that give debuff or the ones that don't have fly time. (druid starfall and similar)
- Currently it's nothing more than a normal stealth.
- The "Vanish" buff should make the rogue enter in improved stealth(should make the rogue compleatly undetectable). Currently the buff does nothing. (stealth mechanics are compleatly broken)
- Does not remove Hunter's Mark

- People can eat/drink while sapped. They get the HP/MP restore while sapped.
- Does not seem to act as an incapacitate effect compleatly.

- Channeling spells are not interupted when target is Blinded.

- Stealth mecanics compleatly broken.
- Stealth lvls/detection broken.
- Players should not be able to detect the rogue when it's behind them. Currently all players can see the rogue in same range from any side and can easy brake rogue's stealth.


Major Glyphs:

-Glyph of Adrenaline Rush Works
-Glyph of Ambush Works
-Glyph of Backstab Broken
-Glyph of Blade Flurry Works
-Glyph of Cripling Poison Works
-Glyph of Deadly Throw Works
-Glyph of Evasion Works
-Glyph of Eviscerate Works
-Glyph of Epose Armor Works
-Glyph of Feint Works
-Glyph of Garrote Works
-Glyph of Ghostly Strike Works
-Glyph of Gouge Works
-Glyph of Hemorrhage Works
-Glyph of Preparation Works
-Glyph of Rupture Works
-Glyph of Sap Works
-Glyph of Vigor Works
-Glyph of Sinister Strike Works
-Glyph of Slice and Dice Works
-Glyph of Sprint Works

Minor Glyphs:

-Glyph of Blurred Speed Broken
-Glyph of Vanish Works
-Glyph of Distract Works
-Glyph of Pick Lock Works
-Glyph of Safe Fall Works
-Glyph of Pick Pocket Works

For the Glyphs:
- After you apply the new glyphs some of the glyphs require a RELOG to start to work.
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PostSubject: Re: Rouges....   Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:39 pm

Rouge Builds and etc.
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