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 Strategy on how to kill Ignus (Ulduar boss)

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PostSubject: Strategy on how to kill Ignus (Ulduar boss)   Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:34 am

Dear All,

Good day!

Based on the the first trial that we had, here are the following list of classes that we need for a 10-man raid against Ignus.

Vs. Ignus

1 HP tank (paladin, dk or warrior ) Main Tank (MT)
1 HP tank (paladin,dk,warrior,druid) Off Tank (OT)
1 resto druid
1 resto shaman
1 priest (holy)
5 rdps (any of the the two classes warlock or mage) at least 1 mage and 1 lock are required.

All members except (MT and OT) should stand at the middle of the room.
Priest will only focus on MT and shaman.
Shaman will focus on raid members.
Druid will focus on OT


-- Mage should buff Dampen Magic on all raid members ( To lessen the spell damage cause by fire which Ignus releases.
-- Must have a paladin tank either MT or OT (to have fire resistance aura)
-- Shaman must always cast fire totem.
-- Soul Stone MT (since in any moment Ignus may crit )

MT task

-- MT should ran in a square pattern rotation around the center of the room. Always make sure that Ignus is facing behind the raid group so that once Ignus release molten fire raid members will not be hit. Each time Ignus release molten fire MT should move on the other side, stop there and tank him again. Do this until boss die.


-- Ignus call one of his constructor, make sure that you agro that mob and burn it in the molten fire which Ignus releases. Once molten take it into the water to make it brittle. Make sure that you taunt all mobs(constructor) that Ignus will call and take them away from the raid group.

Constructor Killer

-- There should be one player who will take a shot on the brittle constructor to lessen the strength buff which every constructor Ignus call. (Note: per constructor give 20% additional strength buff to Ignus). Now on retail this constructor die once brittle but here in magic-wow it doesn't but the good thing is it still deduct the 20% additional strength it gives to Ignus. Now make sure that the assigned killer have the capability to damage 5000+ in an instant to kill the brittle constructor.

Off Tank healer

-- The assigned off tank healer should always follow the OT whenever he goes but make sure that you avoid the molten fire so that you will not get damage. Make sure that you also heal yourself.
(druid is the best OT healer because of the high amount of heal it gets from HoT)

Main Tank healer

-- The assigned main tank healer will only focus on main tank and group assigned healer to make sure that they are alive.

Group Healer

-- The assigned group healer will heal the group and the Main Tank healer.

Hunter is less efficient in killing Ignus since due the buff the constructor mobs give to them( additional % attack speed )which causing them to stop their attack unless they use the bug in hunter skill (master call) which enable them to attack again, but pet die easily in a split second due to high amount of damage it get from molten fire. Melee classes (dpser's are also not that efficient due to the chasing that they need to do against Ignus (since MT need to move) (they will die easily due to high amount of damage it will get from molten fire). The only option left for the dpser's are warlocks and mages, which in every Ignu's raid you need at least 1 mage for the dampen magic spell.


-- Still melee can be use unless you have very good group healers and the melee dper's are well buff and have high amount of health.

Blood Lust Timing

-- Activate Blood Lust (from shaman) when Ignus health are down to 2.5M, the reason why you need to wait until 2.5M during this time (worst cast scenario where Ignus still have 80% additional Strength buff) may crit anytime for this you need to heal MT in a more faster way to avoid wipe then the OT must take an advantage during this BL time to lower the strength buff from Ignus by sending the constructor into brittle and the assigned killer can kill them faster. After BL Ignus buff will become 0 ( is successful ) else a little bit lower than 80%. The maximum cap that Ignus should have for the MT to survive the massive hit is 40%.

Note: This is the most nearest strategy we can use in killing Ignus, but I am not saying this will work 100%. But learning from the game itself will help us guys kill Ignus by learning new tactics.

I already implemented this and we was successfully down Ignus to 724K HP until MT healer went off due to wow crash. We didn't try this again instead I save the game for us "POS" to continue this because I believed that this strategy will work.

Incase you have some comments or strategy please do share here in to forum so that we can do guild raid in Ulduar in a more successful way.

My apologies to those people who wants to join my raid and I didn't invited them when I did Ulduar yesterday. The reason why I can't invite you guys is I need to learn how we can kill boss by grouping with other high GS player from other guild. As you all know we are not yet equipped for Ulduar raid, meaning we still does not meet the required Gear Score. I suggest to you guys to go to BG and get Deadly Gladiator to boost your GS since pvp gear can now be use in raiding too.

Thanks to Orcadobo for providing information about the capability of the boss and how retail players kill him

Happy Raiding!!!

"It is not always what it is. There is also what it means."
"Wisdom doesn't come only from knowing, it comes more from understanding."

Last edited by [GM]Tagausig on Wed Feb 24, 2010 3:44 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : due to revision made by zwerg, bosses in Ulduar cannot be tank by an avoidance tank. HP tank is now required)
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Strategy on how to kill Ignus (Ulduar boss)
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