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 Implementation of Member Recruitment

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PostSubject: Implementation of Member Recruitment   Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:21 pm

Dear All,

Good day!

I would like to ask when do you guys plan to fully implement guild recruitment through forum application? If we will implement it now here are some points that I like to know and share with you guys.

Point 1: If a player was already in our guild and have some Alt's does he require to register in the forum for that account?

Point 2: If we allow him to join the guild immediately without registering his alt's in the forum then this can be abuse by inviting some of his friends to join our guild without registering them in the forum by pretending that this new char is his/her Alts.

Point 3: Aside from form application that the new applicant need to fill up. Who's going to validate that? Does all GM's required to validate and review the new applicant? If yes, do we need voting session where majority of the GM's should agree and approve the candidate application. Like it should be 3-1 in favor of approval and if it is 2-2 we need further deliberation and if it 1-3 then application will be denied. No matter what is the result of his/her application we still need to inform the candidate about his/her status of application and why his/her application is approve or deny.

Point 4: In this kind of application process all GM's should be active in the forum and always check the application section.

Point 5: In case the candidate is already accepted and let's say we know him as a good guy and previously a Guild Master or Leader type guy. Do we need to promote him already or there should be a promotion section where member are being evaluated for promotion?

If you think some points that we need to consider please add in here so that we can at least standardize our recruitment. Point 5, is also important matter to discuss which require further attention due to some members complaining that how come they are not promoted and so on and so forth. In addition to this, we also need to put the reason why members are being demoted. Can we have subforum also for that so that they will know the reason why they are being promoted or demoted?

Looking forward for your ideas and suggestion.

Thanks have a nice day Smile

"It is not always what it is. There is also what it means."
"Wisdom doesn't come only from knowing, it comes more from understanding."
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PostSubject: Re: Implementation of Member Recruitment   Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:42 pm

I will answer all of the questions and concerns later. Starting now, invitations are closed. Wait for my reply so that we can start our application process.


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[Admin] Bulbulon
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PostSubject: Re: Implementation of Member Recruitment   Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:41 am

Starting this day forward. Invitations will be through Application Process. We will never invite players to join guilds randomly. They should apply here in forums if they want to join our community.

I want the officers to tell the Members of POS to post their ALT in the forums. So that we will know who are those players and who are their alts.
It would be better to have ONLY 2 alts atm. And if later, when we are full, then we shall remove the other alt so that means they will have 2 chars in POS only.
In this case, Our members will be active in forums.

That is why we should know who are the alts. And only 2 alts atm shall be allowed. In this case, they should have 3 chars in the GUILD.

No need for All of us to validate. Whoever is online, shall and SHOULD validate whether he/she is good for the guild. I will re-edit the application form. We should know what guild he came from.

Yes. As part of the RULE SET by POS and approved by the Guild Master itself.
Quote :
X. Online
If you are online in-game. Then you should be ONLINE in forums. Only 2 windows opened, no reason to give that it will lag your WOW.
Much more active forums will lead to a better guild/community. TRUST me. I have been there.

About promotion, lets talk about that later. I am still planning to have different ranks right now. There should be a rank for the PVP ones and also for the PVE ones. Those who are good in PVE should be part of the PVE OFFICER and help lead raids. And also for the PVP ones. But right now, lets not talk about that. I will give more info about that soon. NO PROMOTIONs GIVEN for now. Lets not abuse our powers. NOT BECAUSE HE/SHE is our friend, he gets a promotion.

Basically, ranks is not a big deal if you think about it. If you get the rank it will give you a JOB. RANKs gives you something to do. They will have the ranks if they have the potential. Not because someone is higher than you means that they control you. NO! Members > OFFICERS. That is the rule. We OFFICERS should serve our Members. So always GUILDIES before thinking of ourselves.

If you got any concerns, just PM me.
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PostSubject: Re: Implementation of Member Recruitment   

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Implementation of Member Recruitment
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